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Big Lots – ‘End of Winter Me’

Believe it or not this lady is not a twin.

Carl’s JR – All Natural

Charlotte McKinney not quite eating a burger

Echosmith – ‘Bright’

I scouted the park location so many times the police stopped me and asked what i was doing.

Big Lots ‘Nailling it’

We shot this on one of the hottest days of the year in lovely pasadena california. 102 in the shade!

Hilary Duff – ‘All About You’

My second video with the lovely Hilary. For some unknown reason I thought i’d make a cameo #leaveittotheprofessionals

Mary Lambert ‘Secrets’

Anyone who will let me put a floating picture of cats in her video is alright with me.

Hilary Duff ‘Chasing the Sun’

Such a fun video to make. No hamsters were harmed in the making of this video.

Day In The Life – Andy Brown

A short film about Andy Brown lead singer of the hit UK band Lawson.

Weight Watchers

Capital One

Top Gear


NIssan ‘Sail’

There is no sailing in this spot

NIssan ‘Gang’

The band are a great bunch of fellas called MONA

Taylor Swift ‘Our’s’

We had so much fun on this video.

Demi Lovato ‘Let It Go’

A truly magical location to shoot in

Skylar Grey ‘Get Lucky’

One of the most fun shoots I’ve ever had

Lawson ‘Brokenhearted’


This piece i made for Sony played at the cinema before Skyfall.