Declan Whitebloom, Director

Declan WhitebloomDeclan Whitebloom was born and raised in london and came from a family obsessed with films. His elder brother was one of the seminal music video & commercial directors of his day and he ┬áspent much of his formative years ‘on set’ absorbing the process. Art school called and Declan went off to see what they had to offer and after getting his BA he hopped on the next plane to come to LA to realize his dreams.

Declan started from the ground up, working in every department till he found his initial calling, the edit room. After a few years with Bob Girladi’s editor he struck out on his own editing hundreds of music videos and commercials winning awards a plenty, before being offered his first music video to direct. “It was like a light went off,” says Whitebloom. “I love the edit room but when I got behind the camera I knew that was where I was going to stay.”

Now, three years on, Declan has become a award winning video and commercial director with his videos for Taylor Swift, One Direction, Demi Lovato, The Fray (among others) and brands such as Target, Fiat, Nissan, Carl’s Jr, Spotify and Big Lots. He also recently directed a hit eight part documentary series for the Sci-Fi channel called the ‘Prophets of Science Fiction’ and has a short film on the festival circuit called ‘Blackbird’. He’s also executive producing an unscripted TV show thats currently in development. Declan is the essence of the multifaceted commercial director of tomorrow.

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