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Google Nest

Amazing what that little thing can do!!


Lauv – ‘Tattoos Together’

Wait for the end!!


Cheryl – ‘Let You’

One hard working lady



Jess Glynne – ‘No One’

I’m not crying, you’re crying


Jess Glynne – All I Am

Transalatic madness with the wonderful Jess Glynne!


The Vamps ‘Just My Type’

Filmed in the beautiful city of Rabat, Morocco!


Bryce Vine – Drew Barrymore

Sexy stuff at the Madonna Inn

Rita Ora – ‘Anywhere’

I think there was more paparazzi than crew on this one

James Blunt – ‘Bartender’

No real booze was drunk during the filming of this video…ish.

Jess Glynne – ‘Ain’t Got Far To Go’

We shot this in the stunning city of Havana and it was an amazing experience. The people we met and the places we visited were so full of life and inspiring….just like the song really!

Hilary Duff ‘Chasing the Sun’

Such a fun video to make. No hamsters were harmed in the making of this video.

Taylor Swift ‘Our’s’

We had so much fun on this video.

Demi Lovato ‘Let It Go’

You may have heard this song before…

Skylar Grey ‘Get Lucky’

One of the most fun shoots I’ve ever had

Lawson ‘Brokenhearted’

The Band Perry ‘Done’

We used every single fender amp available to rent in nashville for this!

The Band Perry

‘Better Dig Two’

Taylor Swift ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’

1 shot, 17 attempts and 6 wardrobe changes


Stuck Like Glue

One Direction

One Thing


Low Day

Bei Maejor


Taylor Swift ‘Mean’

Nothing looks quite like 35mm film

Cover Drive


The Fray ‘Run For Your Life’

Ever wondered what people running at 300fps looks like?

Olly Murs

Heart Skips a Beat


When She Was Mine

Pixie Lott ft Pusha T

Still love this video

One Direction ‘One Thing’

Some small band that ended up going nowhere

Midnight Red

Hell Yeah