Declan is native of London, he grew up in a family obsessed with film. Before he was even a teenager, he spent an incredible amount of time on set watching his older brother Monty Whitebloom (BIG TV), direct music videos. After that Declan was sure of what he wanted to do. After graduation from St. Martin’s College of Art, Whitebloom moved straight to LA where he spent countless hours on sets, working in nearly every capacity from PA to art department, and winding up behind the camera. Then he began a stint as an editor, where he fine-tuned his craft as a storyteller.

Disney liked his editorial work for them so much they asked him to direct a music video for their new, unknown band, “The Jonas Brothers”. After that he directed music videos for Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, One Direction and many other top musicians. He was quickly nominated for, and won, numerous CMA’s, VMA’s and MTV awards for his directing.

He made the transition to commercials as well. RSA came calling soon after and he spent the next 7 years directing spots, episodes and clips for them. These varied and valuable skills now help Declan in his multi-faceted career as he directs spots, videos, episodic and films.

The traits Whitebloom admires most in other multiple disciplinary directors are unmistakably reflected in his own varied artistic pursuits. A few years ago he was involved in the creation of Banksy’s Dismaland installation, acting under the “cover” of a director filming a fake movie, thereby allowing the elusive street artist to build a massive, sinister twist on Disneyland under the guise that it was Whitebloom and his crew building a set.

Longer-format projects include the Sci-Fi Channel’s hit eight-part documentary series Prophets of Science Fiction – produced and hosted by Ridley Scott, along with the critically acclaimed short film Blackbird, a modern day psychological thriller that made waves on the 2015 film festival circuit.

But most excitingly Declan’s first feature film for Voltage films and Saban Pictures called ‘Stowaway’ starring Ruby Rose, Frank Grillo and Patrick Schwarzenegger premiered in summer 2022 and his next feature ‘ Ruby’ with Luminosity is set to shoot summer 2023 in Spain. Using his all his experience as an editor and time on set directing this next step into features has been a seamless one for Whitebloom, who brings his unique style to every project.

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